Who is the Eco-Agent?

I will reveal myself (just since you took the time to see who is behind this blog):

I’m Shannon Hazlitt, a country girl who  grew up sandwiched between a glittering, freshwater lake and one of New York State’s largest preserved forests.

This area, the Finger Lakes Region, is known for growing some of the best cold-climate wine in the world. My family came to the small town where I currently live on Seneca Lake in 1853, where they purchased over 153 acres of land. My family primarily grew fruit trees on this land until the winery opened in the mid 1980s. Each vintage of vinifera is dependent on the specific year’s climate, so I grew up understanding that weather can have a major economic impact.

This was and is true for not just my family, but most others in the agriculture-driven town of my childhood — Hector, New York.

I decided to go my own path a bit away from my family’s business and studied journalism at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication. I wrote a news beat about the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF) that eventually led to a job with their Communications Department for two years.

I also studied geography extensively in Santiago, Chile for a semester abroad. I learned that their viticulture is very dependent on the climate as well — but a very different climate than I’m used to in Upstate New York! However, I found some of the same chilly weather when I ventured down to Patagonia and was awed by the vastness of the inhabited land there and the brilliance of nature in its most undisturbed states.

So, I am in love with the environment and I aim to show how it deserves a voice in modern issues.

If you ever have a story suggestion for me or would like for me to expand on one of my posts, feel free to contact me at s.hazlitt93@gmail.com. Thanks!


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